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Liturgical Ministries

“Liturgy” (another word for our worship) means “the work of the people.”  When we come together in worship, we are fulfilling our first purpose and gaining both the insight and the strength needed for whatever else is ours to do.  Toward this end, we encourage all worshippers to fully participate in the worship experience.  This can begin even before the service starts through personal prayers.  We also encourage active participation in worship leadership in many ways.

Acolyte Masters and Vergers
Contact Matt Harbison for Acolyte Masters at or at the church office (423) 821-1583
Contact Donna Maddox for Vergers

Acolytes work in groups to assist the clergy in worship. Adult leaders are needed to help coordinate and schedule teams and assist acolytes in the sacristy before worship. The verger is the main ceremonial leader at the 10:30 am Eucharist.  Vergers are trained to assist acolytes, deacons and clergy in the service as well as lay participants.

Contact Matt Harbison at

A ministry that began in Antioch back in 252 A.D., acolytes are leaders in the church through the examples they set at the altar. Youth in grades 6-12 serve in groups to assist the clergy and the congregation with worship. Those who carry the big brass crosses in the processions are called “crucifers.” There are also “torchbearers” (candle lighters and carriers), “book bearers” (Gospel Book carriers), “banner bearers” (banner carriers), and “thurifers” (the person swinging the incense burner on a chain during special services—awesomely dangerous and cool at the same time!) These duties are performed each Sunday and at special services.

Altar Guild                           

Contact Wendy Robinson

The Altar Guild prepares the Table for Holy Eucharist for each service.  Members of the Altar Guild serve in the chapel or in the main church one week each month.

Chalice Bearers/Lay Eucharistic Ministers
Contact The Rev. Robert Childers at or at the church office (423) 821-1583

Chalice Bearers are chosen by the Rector and trained and licensed through the Diocese of East Tennessee for a limited term.  This group assists the clergy during the service by offering the wine element during the Holy Eucharist. Lay Leader: Peter Rawlings

Youth Chalice Bearers
The Rev. Robert Childers at

Following confirmation, several youth are selected by the Youth Director and the Rector and are invited to serve as Chalice Bearers.  They complete the same instruction and licensing process as adults.

Godly Play – Children’s Sunday School
Contact Kathleen Crevasse at or at the church office (423) 821-1583

Trained volunteers lead children ages 3-10 through Bible stories and interactive wondering and response, encouraging children to engage with God and understand their relationship with God. Volunteer roles vary from storytellers to “door” people who greet children and their parents as they arrive to the Godly Play circle.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

Contact Milly Rawlings

This group is charged with representing Good Shepherd by sharing the bread and wine from each Sunday Holy Eucharist with those in our community who are not able to attend services at the church. They meet one Monday every other month for prayer and reflection in addition to visiting parishioners.

Flower Delivery
Contact Laura Durel  

These volunteers hand deliver joy and arrangements created from the altar flowers to 3-4 parishioners who are sick, homebound, or who have significant celebrations in their home life. Deliveries take less than an hour to complete on Sundays following the 10:30am worship service, and volunteers are scheduled to serve once every 2-3 months.  This is a wonderful ministry that can be fun to do with a friend as well!  For more information and/or to volunteer, contact Laura Durel.

Flower Guild: Church
Contact Lee Easterly

This is a wonderful way to learn to arrange flowers! Teams meet one Saturday morning a month to arrange flowers on the altar. After the second Sunday service, volunteers divide the flowers into vases to be delivered to people in the community.

Flower Guild: Chapel
Contact Nicole Seiferth at or at the church office (423) 821-1583

Teams of two meet on Mondays to arrange flowers for the Tuesday service and return before the Thursday afternoon service to freshen the flowers.   Lay Leader: TBD

Lay Readers/Lectors  (8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.)
Contact Mike Costello (8 am), Katie Harbison (10:30 am)

Lay Readers (Lectors) are needed at both 8am and 10:30 am Holy Eucharist services to read the prescribed scriptures for the day and the Prayers of the People.  Training for new lectors is provided annually.  Lay Leaders: Mike Costello (8 am); Katie Harbison (10:30 am)

Linen Guild
Contact Martha Westbrook

This group launders and cares for all fine linens used in the church and chapel. Teams of two are responsible for the linens one week per month. The duties may be done on one’s own time. Lay Leaders: Martha Westbrook & Lee Moore

Contact George Robinson

Teams of ushers are needed at the first two Sunday services to hand out bulletins, take up the offering and help the congregation to Holy Communion. Each team of ushers serves 5-6 times each year and are additionally asked to serve for special services during Holy Week and Christmas and, occasionally, funerals. Lay Leader: George Robinson