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The Good Shepherd Organ

The organ at Good Shepherd was completed by Parkey Organbuilders of Duluth, GA in 2008.  It includes two independent instruments, Opus 9 is located in the front of the nave and Opus 8 is located in the rear gallery.  Both instruments can be played from the console in the musician’s gallery of the church.  The organ has 3 manuals and pedals, 49 ranks or sets of pipes and over 2,800 individual pipes ranging from 16 feet long to smaller than a pencil.  A second portable console is located in the front of the church which plays only the front pipes of Opus 9 and can be used for concerts or smaller services when the larger instrument is in the wrong location or is not needed.

The organ is designed in the “American Classic” style with three main purposes in mind: the leading of congregational song, the accompanying of the choirs and the performance of appropriate organ literature.  Dedication programs for the new instrument were offered by Mr. John Wigal with the Tennessee Chamber Orchestra, Dr. Richard Cormier, conductor; and guest artists Professor Trudy Faber and Dr. Robert Delcamp.

The stoplist, designed by Mr. Parkey in consultation with the Director of Music/Organist, Mr. John Wigal is given below.  Approximately 17 ranks of the 1961 instrument by the Hillgreen and Lane Company of Alliance, Ohio was retained and revoiced for use in Opus 8.

Click here to listen to David Johnson Trumpet Tune in D Major played by organist John E. Wigal.

Click here for organ specifications (PDF).